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Sparco Safety Shoe, model S3S ESD SR LG, from the new Indy line by Sparco. These new work shoes have been designed to ensure the safety and protection of workers in compliance with the new CEE EN ISO 20345:2022 regulations governing safety footwear. They come with a sporty and modern design and are made with eco-friendly materials, following a circular production cycle to reduce waste. The innovations in these safety work shoes include the "Flexgrip" dual-density sole, which offers greater grip, stability, and safety on any surface, and its innovative "ladder grip" (LG) heel designed to facilitate climbing on ladder rungs. The Sparco Ranger safety shoes are ESD certified, meaning they can dissipate static charges to the ground that accumulate during walking. This is important to prevent shocks and ensure the safety of workers dealing with microchips, sensitive electrical equipment, flammable liquids, paints, and other situations that require protection from electrostatic discharges.

Technical characteristics:

  • Upper in Sparco Full Efficiency regenerated anti-abrasion material.

  • Breathable microperforated 3D fabric lining.

  • Heel protection that keeps the foot in constant balance while walking.

  • Insulating non-magnetic fibreglass toe cap, resistant up to 200J.

  • Dual-density "flexgrip" polyurethane injected sole with special heel complying with ladder requirements (Ladder Grip LG).

  • Anti-puncture sheet in NON-metallic fabric layers, sewn directly into the sole.

  • Removable, polyurethane, antistatic, thermoformed, antibacterial insole.

  • Metal free footwear, useful for working in environments where a Metal Detector is present.

  • Supplied with a second pair of laces.


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